Dedicated browser for private browsing from Firefox

By 2016 November Firefox had launched a private browser for iOS, which is designed with the focus on increase of private browsing. After a half-year later Firefox released Firefox focus for Android users for free. Firefox focus download link.

Firefox focus

For the release of Android Firefox added few features :

  • Notification reminder – A push notification will appear on action centre while Firefox focus running on background, all the browsing history of the browser will be erased by just tapping the notification
  • Ad tracker counter – Let us know number of blocked ads during active session on the browser.
  • Pausing Tracker blocker – By default Firefox focus blocks Ad trackers to maximize browsing speed significantly, but we can turn off for a while if we face difficult in loading web pages.

Firefox focus is installed on 1 Million plus devices and rated 4.5 out of 5 at Google Play Store till the time of writing this article. In favour of simplicity Firefox didn’t includ few common browser features like multiple tabs, bookmark with this brand new browser. Firefox focus is designed for visiting sites without worrying about session is being tracked in some way.

Download from Android Play Store

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