Microsoft Edge Lyrics Sync on YouTube

Microsoft steadily improving the capability of its modern browser Edge on every update, recently they have added a catchy feature on Microsoft Edge browser. When we watch a music video on YouTube, Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana fetches the lyrics for the respective video that we are watching.

Note : You strictly need a Windows 10 PC to experience this cool feature.
Cortana and Edge can be used only on Windows 10 OS installed devices.

And make sure that Cortana is enabled on your device.

A link on the address bar will be displayed while we watch music videos using Edge browser, Cortana will work only with Microsoft Edge browser so this option is not available on other browsers so far.

Screenshot (231)

If we click the ‘Want the lyrics ?’ link on the address bar of Microsoft Edge, a side panel will appear on the right side with Album details and lyrics as well the panel can also be pinned.

Screenshot (233)

Additionally, it provides buying options of popular music stores including Microsoft’s Groove store at the bottom of the side panel.

Screenshot (234)

Surely, this is the coolest feature from Microsoft, and working on Microsoft Edge will give you a good experience. Try it out and you will get excited and surprised !!!

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